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When I Was Your Soundtrack


I don’t post enough old school IDM. Or EDM…or DNB…or Trip-Hop…etc.

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Some say, that computers are destroying our Humanity…but we say that computers are controlled by man, and they can be used to help humanity…

Oh such a sweet guardian this Piracy, teach a starving child the ways of the world… We take what we want before we take what we need..and then we take until there’s nothing left! Oh Captain, My Captain. The Wheel House, beckons. OH CAPTAIN, MY CAPTAIN!!!

This will definitely be at the top of my “end of year list”. Such a huge surprise to hear this change in sound from ATR.

what if i don’t get a chance to go soon?
what then?

win win win win win win stipulation
what then?

Brains can’t believe eyes,
i just want the thing

I can’t wait to get my hands on the RETOX/NARROWS split later this fall. Fuck yes.

so you’ve aced the prick class: moustache for extra credit. dimbing up to privileged. pretty sweet. you pleased your parents. the punchlines perfect;
it never grows old: the lack that only grows in lives you’ll never know. c’mon laugh till you choke! fuck!

eye’s gagging! under neon lights. youth wrecked! white loads of wasted time. youth spent! listen to the fingernails singing on the chalkboard. yeah! watch the teachers pet. yeah! he’s just a heart attack. yeah! he’s just a heart attack waiting to happen. pass a note to the back of the classroom ugly words come from a bitter man—he shoved the best years of his life down a trashcan. youth wrecked! youth spent!

EXCLUSIVE: Stream Puig Destroyer's Self-Titled Album + Track by Track Commentary.

Not enough Grind. Too much Core. Seriously though, this was JUST in time for the post-season, and The Dodgers road to The World Series. Fuck Football, Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit’s Time for DODGER BASEBRAWL.

You guys like Death Grips, right?